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You are kindly requested to make sure that nothing distracts you before starting the test.

The IQ test consists of 40 questions. After completing the test, you will get the result of IQ in relation to the population, based on statistical data.

TOP IQ (last 30 days)

Average IQ by Country
Average IQ in JapanJapan: 106.68
Average IQ in GermanyGermany: 104.54
Average IQ in ItalyItaly: 104.53
Average IQ in SpainSpain: 104.21
Average IQ in SwitzerlandSwitzerland: 103.65
Average IQ in FinlandFinland: 102.22
Average IQ in BelgiumBelgium: 102.13
Average IQ in FranceFrance: 102.12
Average IQ in KoreaKorea: 101.92
Average IQ in CanadaCanada: 101.87
Average IQ in NorwayNorway: 101.78
Average IQ in NetherlandsNetherlands: 101.71
Average IQ in AustraliaAustralia: 101.61
Average IQ in IrelandIreland: 101.41
Average IQ in UsaUsa: 100.8
Average IQ in BelarusBelarus: 100.69
Average IQ in UkraineUkraine: 100.68
Average IQ in SwedenSweden: 100.62
Average IQ in GreeceGreece: 100.31
Average IQ in HungaryHungary: 100.17

The IQ test allows you to determine the coefficient of the mental development of a person. It should be said that tests come in different forms that help identify both mental retardation and intellectual potential. Tests were first used to test intellectual function among schoolchildren and to confirm mental health in the United States in the early 1900s.

IQ test results

The main purpose of testing is not only to determine the general intelligence of a person but also to help determine the skills in which a person succeeds or needs additional attention. An IQ test helps determine the ability in the following areas:

  • math skills;
  • spatial perception;
  • ability to languages;
  • memory;
  • information processing speed;
  • reasoning ability.

Test scores

The maximum score that can be obtained by passing the IQ test is 160. Most people score from 85 to 115 points, such indicators are the average level of intelligence. Below is a more detailed breakdown of IQ scores.

IQ Range Classification
130 and above Extremely High
120–129 Very High
110–119 High Average
90–109 Average
80–89 Low Average
70–79 Very Low
69 and below Extremely Low

Percentage of population with high IQ

About 70% of the total number of people have average intelligence, which is considered a normal indicator. The number of people who receive an assessment above 145 is small - about 0.2%.

IQ Testing Recommendations

Results may vary depending on testing conditions, the physical and emotional state of the person. To get the most accurate result, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • take the test in silence, in an environment free of annoying factors that may affect your thought processes;
  • physical fatigue or emotional stress can negatively affect test results;
  • you don't have to be limited in time. On average, the test takes 30-40 minutes;
  • indicate the correct age at the end of the test.

Don't be discouraged if you haven't gotten the desired result.

Is Iq test free?

The IQ test is a relative measure, not a static. Your IQ is measured relative to the entire population of the planet in your age category. We analyze millions of results every month to show the most accurate estimate. We collect the widest audience across the Internet for objective assessments. Data storage and processing is quite an expensive process. That is why we are forced to take money to support the project. In return, you get the most accurate result that will be stored with us for the entire lifetime of our platform.

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