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Partnership with Companies

Welcome to IQ Global Test. We have been testing individuals for IQ online for many years. Now we want to provide a good service for testing employees and potential applicants in companies. Our goal is for every person in every corner to understand their intellectual abilities.

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Why Choose Us?

Custom Branding

Enhance your company's brand identity with our customizable branding options. We allow your testing page to reflect your company's brand image, ensuring a cohesive and professional look for your users.

Prepaid Testing Packages

We offer flexible prepaid packages for bulk purchases of our IQ tests, providing a cost-effective solution for companies. These packages are not time-bound, which means you can conduct testing at your convenience and as per your requirements.

User-friendly Dashboard

We provide a convenient, easy-to-use dashboard to track the progress and performance of your users. This feature allows for the effortless management and analysis of results, helping you to identify areas of strength and improvement.

API Integration

Our platform supports API integration, allowing for a seamless connection between your existing digital infrastructure and our services. This enables you to run IQ tests directly from your systems, providing a unified and consistent user experience.

Start collaborating with us today to implement the understanding and development of the cognitive abilities of your employees, users, and potential employees. At, we are ready to provide reliable, accessible, and professional IQ testing services that meet the unique needs of your company. For more information, contact our support team. We respond within 3 business days.