Total tested: 6 930 743

About us

IGT (IQ Global Test) is the most accurate online platform to assess human intelligence. We use a unique test combined with our proprietary algorithm to calculate results, and that allows us to provide you with the most unbiased assessment. We consider more than 15 different parameters to validate each result, starting from the test completion time and finishing with comparing each of your answers to millions of others.

Some information about our achievements:

  • Tests done > 1,500,000
  • Users tested in > 140 countries.
  • > 50 HR agencies all over the world use our platform to carry out their recruiting procedures.

Who is the service created for?

Our service is good for those who are eager to carry out a self-analysis, for companies employing a lot of staff, and HR agencies.

Is it a paid testing service? Why?

We will charge for our testing services. The final cost depends on your region, but it will not exceed $20 per result, all fees included.


  • We have found out that this is the best way to exclude testing for fun. Users who paid for the test take the testing process seriously in 97.5% of cases. This approach allows us to remain the most accurate online testing service in the world!
  • It is the only way to avoid ad blocks distracting attention during the testing process, improve our product regularly, and hire the best specialists for the IGT team.