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About product

IGT (IQ Global Test) - is an international IQ platform that provides a service in the form of testing and diagnostics of human intellectual abilities. We are constantly working on improving the algorithm, adapting outdated methods for calculating results to new realities, given a large amount of data. 

IQ level. Is it the absolute value of measuring your intelligence or not?

The result you received after passing the IQ test shows your ability to quickly solve problems, find logical connections, and the ability of the brain to adapt, relative to other users who passed this test. The result above 130 shows your superiority over other people in a certain type of brain activity. A high score does not exclude low scores on tests for emotional intelligence and other things.

How do we calculate the result and why our resource provides the most objective data.

Our system is based on Big Data principles and takes into account huge amounts of data for correct calculation. At our disposal, we have a huge sample (over 1,000,000 results) in 43 countries of the world, from all kinds of online and offline sources of information collection. Adding new data on a daily basis, the algorithm takes into account trends for general growth or decline, age, racial and cultural characteristics of the user. Also, each question has its own statistics of correct and incorrect answers, taking into account all the above parameters, dynamically changes the ranking parameters and the impact of the correct answer on the result.

For example:
2 users answered the same questions correctly. Under what condition do they get identical IQ results?

If they are in the same age range, in the same country, with the same level of education and have passed the test in an absolutely identical amount of time (up to seconds).

How much does it cost?

Price of the test depends on your region, but not more than 20 USD per result, including all fees.