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IQ Test

  • About 20 minutes
  • 40 questions
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Our professional IQ test features questions that gradually increase in complexity, and it takes the completion time into account when calculating your result.
We recommend that you free yourself from any distractions before taking the test. After completing the test, you will receive your IQ score relative to the population and based on world statistics.

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Average IQ by country

Average IQ by country
  • IQ in Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of 107.25
  • IQ in China China 105.87
  • IQ in Taiwan Taiwan 105.43
  • IQ in Hong Kong Hong Kong 105.31
  • IQ in Japan Japan 104.77
  • IQ in Singapore Singapore 104.55
  • IQ in Switzerland Switzerland 104.38
  • IQ in Luxembourg Luxembourg 103.77
  • IQ in Hungary Hungary 103.55
  • IQ in Portugal Portugal 103.45
  • IQ in Italy Italy 103.19
  • IQ in Netherlands Netherlands 102.78
  • IQ in Austria Austria 102.53
  • IQ in Belgium Belgium 102.5
  • IQ in Israel Israel 102.31
  • IQ in Germany Germany 102.26
  • IQ in Slovenia Slovenia 102.19
  • IQ in Croatia Croatia 102.16
  • IQ in Iceland Iceland 102.11
  • IQ in Slovakia Slovakia 101.84
  • IQ in Finland Finland 101.83
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An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is a test that is used to determine people’s cognitive abilities, as well as assess people’s intellectual levels and potential. In fact, different IQ tests can help identify both mental subnormality and intellectual potential. The United States conducted the first official IQ tests ever in the early 1900s in order to assess schoolchildren’s intellectual abilities and patients’ mental health.

Our original IQ test features

Online IQ test

We have developed a 40-question test to confidently use in different countries and get the most accurate results. The test excludes the cultural peculiarities of different countries and aims at assessing an individual’s intellectual potential.

The test was developed in such a way that, when completed, the results are generated using a normal distribution method with an average IQ equal to 100 and a standard deviation of σ = 15. Therefore, 2⁄3 of all the results (which is about 68%) range from 85 to 115.

The test has no time limits, but we recommend that you complete it within 20 minutes. That will maximize the test accuracy and help you discover your ability to quickly and accurately solve problems. If it takes you longer than 20 minutes to complete the test, your score will be lower.

On average, it should take you 15 seconds to solve easy questions, 35 seconds to solve medium ones, and one minute to answer the most difficult ones.

IQ test purpose

IQ test can be useful for a huge variety of purposes, including:

  • Comprehensive assessment;
  • Mental subnormality assessment and diagnosis;
  • Cognitive research;
  • Job applicant evaluation;
  • Cognitive assessment, including memory, speed, and attention.

IQ test results

The main test purpose is not just to determine an individual’s general intelligence. It also helps reveal the skills in which an individual is largely successful or the ones that need additional attention. The IQ test helps assess abilities in the following areas:

  • mathematical skills;
  • spatial aptitude;
  • language learning abilities;
  • memory;
  • information processing speed;
  • reasoning.

Test scores

The maximum score you can get when completing our IQ test is 160. Most people score between 85 to 115 points, and that is the average intelligence level. You can find a more detailed IQ score breakdown below.

High IQ classification

131+ IQ points

This is the highest attainable score when testing the intelligence level. We call such people geniuses. They have no trouble solving the IQ test. As a rule, they complete the test successfully faster than the specified time. Many people with similar IQ levels achieve significant success in various areas of life. Such people comprise about 2.2% of the population. Even fewer people can get the highest results exceeding 145 points. For instance, there are only 0.2% of people in the world that are capable of getting this score.

121 to 130 IQ points 

This is a rather high result of the IQ test. We often call such people gifted. They can answer easy, mid-level, and most difficult questions with no problem.

111 to 120 IQ points

This is the upper margin of the average result, which is good for many people. As a rule, they can answer easy to mid-level questions with no problem. However, they may have a harder time with difficult ones.

Average IQ classification

90 to 110 IQ points

This is the average IQ level for an individual. More than 50% of all people have intellectual abilities within these limits.

Low IQ classification

80 to 89 IQ points

This is the lower margin of the average result. This result is normal for many people. As a rule, they answer easy questions with no problem. They can also solve mid-level questions but may make mistakes due to poor attention or a lapse of concentration. As a rule, this test-taker skips the more difficult questions or takes too much time to answer them.

66 to 79 IQ points

This is a lower margin of a poor result showing that an individual has problems with attention, memory, and reasoning, as well as difficulties in solving mathematical and logical problems. Nevertheless, an individual like this is still capable of leading an independent lifestyle and solving daily problems the way most people do.

65 IQ points or less

All the results below 65 points are extremely low and mean that an IQ test-taker manifests mental retardation. As a rule, most people like this cannot live on their own and have difficulties with everyday tasks.

Questions: how many should you answer?

IQ test questions

A range of 30 to 50 questions should suffice for real IQ testing. Fewer questions will not allow for accurate intelligence level assessment.

Therefore, some popular online IQ tests consisting of 3, 5, or 10 questions cannot assess an intelligence level accurately.

More than 50 questions will increase test duration, entailing a further lapse of concentration. So, the optimal number of questions is from 30 to 50.

Our testing platform offers 40 questions for you to answer.

How to complete our IQ test and get a high score

The results may vary depending on the testing environment and the individual’s physical and emotional condition. To achieve the most accurate result, you should follow our recommendations listed below:

  • take the test in a quiet environment free of irritating factors that may influence your thinking processes;
  • your bodily fatigue or emotional tension can both negatively affect your test results;
  • you should not be in a hurry. Our test takes 30 to 40 minutes on average;
  • please specify your true age at the end of the test.

You should not worry in case you have not received the desired results. This score is not permanent. It depends both on you and on global trends. We recommend taking our test once a year, but not more than once every six months.

Can any free IQ test show correct results?

Any IQ test shows a relative value, not a static one. Your IQ level is assessed relative to the entire planet’s population in your age group. To show the most accurate score, we analyze millions of results every month. We get data from the widest audience all over the Internet to achieve objective results. It is rather expensive to store and process large amounts of data like this. That is why we have to charge for the test to support our project. However, you get the most accurate result in return. It will be stored on our platform as long as our service exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: IQ Global Test

What is a normal IQ?

Normal (average) of all the results range from 85 to 115.

What is the maximum IQ score possible?

The maximum score you can get when completing the classic IQ test is 160.

Can you take a real IQ test online?

Yes, you can find online services that provide intelligence testing. Our service provides one of the most accurate tests Online. Click here to start the test.

Is the test time-limited?

The recommended test completion time is 20 minutes. However, we do not limit test-takers in time. We adjust the result, depending on the time spent.

What is the Mensa test?

The Mensa test is a standardized IQ test used to become a member of the non-profit organization This society is open to anyone who has completed the test and scores better than 98% of the population. The test requires you to pay a fee.

If you use our platform to get ready for the Mensa test, your score should be 132 or higher.

Taking the test on our website does not allow you to join the Mensa society.

How accurate is your test?

Qualified psychologists have drawn up our test to achieve a normal distribution in IQ level among all our website users. The test itself and our platform functionality are designed to constantly calibrate the results achieved. Therefore, we provide the most accurate IQ level assessment.

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