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IQ Test

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  • 40 questions
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Welcome to the IQ testing platform!

Our test includes 40 questions that will assess your logical thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving skills. Allow about 20 minutes to complete the test. For the most accurate results, avoid distractions. After all, it's about learning your intelligence!

After you finish the test, you can buy a detailed report of the results. So, get ready to dive in and find out what drives your mind.

We wish you the best of luck in taking the IQ test!

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Average IQ by country

Average IQ by country
  • IQ in Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of 107.47
  • IQ in China China 106.02
  • IQ in Taiwan Taiwan 105.5
  • IQ in Hong Kong Hong Kong 105.36
  • IQ in Japan Japan 105.36
  • IQ in Singapore Singapore 104.59
  • IQ in Switzerland Switzerland 104.56
  • IQ in Luxembourg Luxembourg 103.86
  • IQ in Hungary Hungary 103.72
  • IQ in Portugal Portugal 103.56
  • IQ in Italy Italy 103.32
  • IQ in Netherlands Netherlands 102.93
  • IQ in Israel Israel 102.73
  • IQ in Germany Germany 102.66
  • IQ in Austria Austria 102.64
  • IQ in Belgium Belgium 102.58
  • IQ in Slovenia Slovenia 102.34
  • IQ in Croatia Croatia 102.24
  • IQ in Iceland Iceland 102.07
  • IQ in Slovakia Slovakia 101.92
  • IQ in Finland Finland 101.87
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IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is a test that is used to determine people’s cognitive abilities, as well as assess people’s intellectual levels and potential. In fact, IQ test can help identify both mental subnormality and intellectual potential. 

About our platform IQ Global Test

Online IQ test

Our IQ test is accurate and available only at It is an innovative and comprehensive assessment of various aspects of human intelligence. The results are generated using a normal distribution method [1] with an average IQ equal to 100 and a standard deviation of σ = 15. Therefore, 2⁄3 of all the results (which is about 68%) range from 85 to 115. 

Number of Questions and Duration

The test consists of 40 questions. To complete the test you have 20 minutes. Our test begins with easier questions and ends with harder ones. On average, it should take you 15 seconds to solve easy questions, 35 seconds to solve medium ones, and one minute to answer the most difficult ones. This format allows for an effective and focused assessment of a person's intellectual abilities.

Types of questions you will encounter in our IQ test

There are three primary categories of questions typically found in IQ tests: logical and math thinking, pattern spotting, and problem-solving.

Logical thinking questions invite the person to think carefully and tackle intricate problems. Pattern spotting questions assess one's skill in drawing connections, digesting information, and contemplating abstract concepts. Problem-solving questions necessitate figuring out the best approach and employing it to arrive at a solution.

Examples of questions in our tests by category

Logical and math thinking

logical thinking test example

Pattern spotting

Example of Pattern spotting question


Example of Problem-solving question


IQ test result and purpose

The main goal of an IQ test is to gather as much information as possible about an individual's intelligence. The results give insights into their potential and let them make well-informed choices about education, career growth, and personal development opportunities. 

IQ score ranges
IQ score Interpretation % of population
130 and above Very Superior ~ 2%
120-129 Superior ~ 6%
110-119 High Average ~ 16%
90-109 Average ~ 52%
80-89 Low Average ~ 16%
70-79 Borderline ~ 6%
Below 70 Extremely Low ~ 2%

To find more information about what your IQ level means click here: IQ classification.

Tips on how to take an IQ test

Comfortable testing environment

Creating a calm and comfortable testing environment is very important for optimal results when taking an online IQ test. This will allow users to focus on the assessment and minimize the influence of external distractions.

Focusing and avoiding distractions

Maintaining focus during the test is very important for accurate cognitive assessment. Users should avoid distractions such as mobile devices and background noise so that they can concentrate on the task at hand.

Time management strategies

Because the online IQ test is time-limited, it is important to manage time effectively. Users should allocate their time wisely, prioritizing questions they can answer confidently and returning to more difficult questions later if time permits.

How to improve IQ test scores

Boosting your IQ test scores isn't as daunting as it may seem. Here are some friendly tips from our team to help you out.
First, practice makes perfect, so try engaging in brain training, such as solving puzzles or playing memory games. The more you strain your brain, the better you'll do on tests.

It's also important to keep your body in great shape, as a healthy lifestyle can boost your cognitive abilities. Make sure you eat right, exercise regularly and get enough sleep - trust us, it will make a difference!

Now, when taking your IQ test, you must manage your time wisely. Work on honing your quick problem-solving and question-answering skills. This will help you handle the test more efficiently and improve your score.

How accurate is our test

Accurate iq test

Our test was developed by expert psychologists to achieve a normal distribution of IQ levels among all users of our website. Both the test and the functionality of our platform are designed in such a way that the results are constantly adjusted. As a result, we offer the most accurate assessment of IQ levels.

Why do we take a fee?

An IQ test provides a comparative value, not a fixed one. Your IQ score is evaluated in relation to the global population within your age group. To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, we analyze millions of results each month. We gather data from a diverse audience across the internet to achieve unbiased outcomes. Storing and processing such vast amounts of data can be costly, which is why we must charge a fee for the test to sustain our project. In exchange, you receive the most precise result, which will be stored on our platform for the duration of our service's existence.

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