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Number of Questions and Test Duration

The test consists of 40 questions. The test is not limited in time, but time is a factor influencing IQ scores. We recommend completing the test in 20 minutes. On average, it should take you 15 seconds to solve easy questions, 35 seconds to solve medium ones, and one minute to answer the most difficult ones. If you don't know the answer, choose the better one in your opinion.

IQ score Calculation

Your score comes from how many questions you got right, how hard those questions were, and how long you took to answer everything. This score is then matched against scores from everyone else who is in your age group. The middle or 'average' score is 100, with a measure of 15 points up or down to show how different your score is from the average.

Level of difficulty

Our test begins with easier questions and ends with harder ones.

Pause during the test

There is no pause button during the IQ quiz. It is recommended to take the test quickly within 20 minutes. You can spend more time, but it will negatively affect your results.

Can I change my answer?

You can only change the answer to the previous question. This is done in case you selected an answer by mistake.

Internet and a calculator

To get accurate results during the test, you are not allowed to search for answers on the Internet or use a calculator. For more information, please visit our main website page: IQ-Global-Test.Com.