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Last update: 09/10/2023 09:27 PM

Average IQ by Devices

The devices used for the test directly impact its results. Below is a table with data on which operating system the participants used for the test.

High Confidence Level in Data: 1000+
Low Trust Degree Value: <1000
# Devices Average IQ Number of responses
#1 Linux 104.46 10000+
#2 macOS 102.48 100000+
#3 Windows 100.32 100000+
#4 IOS 99.18 100000+
#5 Android 97.21 100000+

Based on the data in this table, it can be said that it's easier to concentrate and take the test on a desktop computer or laptop. Several factors may influence this:

  • Location - a phone is available in the metro, cafes, or other places, which can negatively affect performance.
  • Screen size - it's easier to focus on a larger screen with less background that can be distracting.

Who's Smarter? Windows Users or macOS Users?

Linux users turned out to be the smartest - 104.46 IQ. There are not many of these users, less than 1% of all those tested. Our assumption is that this is a specialized operating system used by IT professionals.

macOS users scored 2.1 IQ points higher than Windows users, with scores of 102.48 and 100.32 IQ, respectively. This may be due to the fact that macOS also has a narrower focus and is less accessible in regions with a lower educational system. For more details, read the article "About Average IQ by Country".

Who's Smarter? Android Users or iOS Users?

Phones scored on average lower IQ than personal computers. It's below 100 IQ. When comparing the two operating systems, iOS users score 2 IQ points higher than Android users. This could be due to a wider choice of cheap Android phones, which doesn't allow for quick interaction with the website, as time is one of the elements of calculations.


This page suggests that PCs are more suitable for taking IQ tests than mobile devices. If you don't have the option to choose a PC, opt for more powerful mobile devices.