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Last update: 08/14/2023 06:01 PM

Average IQ by Physical Activity level

One vital aspect of human life is physical activity. We endeavored to gather data from our users to analyze the connection between the frequency of physical activity and average Intelligence Quotient (IQ) scores. The table below presents insights into the relationship between an individual's physical activity and their corresponding average IQ.

High Confidence Level in Data: 1000+
Low Trust Degree Value: <1000
# Physical Activity Frequency Average IQ Number of responses
#1 Occasionally 103.00 1000+
#2 Rarely 101.74 1000+
#3 Regularly 100.91 100+
#4 Never 99.32 1000+

The Data at a Glance

Based on the gathered responses, the data provides an intriguing perspective:

Occasionally: Individuals who engage in physical activity occasionally reported an average IQ score of 103.00.

Rarely: This group, engaging in physical activities less often, documented an average IQ score of 101.74.

Regularly: Somewhat counterintuitively, those who participate in physical activity regularly showcased an average IQ of 100.91.

Never: Lastly, individuals who never engaged in any form of physical activity reflected an average IQ score of 99.32.

Implications of the Data

The data suggests a slight advantage in IQ scores for those who participate in physical activity occasionally. This might hint at the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, where physical activity complements other cognitive-enhancing activities. On the other hand, those participating regularly in physical activity presented slightly higher scores than those who never engage, but somewhat lower than those who partake occasionally or rarely.

Factors to Consider

Type of Physical Activity: The quality of the physical activity might play a role. For instance, a relaxing walk might have different cognitive benefits than an intense CrossFit session. So, the next time you lace up those sneakers, think about what you're in the mood for.

Rest and Recovery: It's essential, folks. Engaging in physical activity regularly without adequate rest might result in fatigue, which could impact cognitive performance.

Balanced Lifestyle: Engaging in physical activity occasionally might indicate a balanced lifestyle, blending physical fitness with other pursuits, like reading or engaging in intellectually stimulating activities.