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Introducing the Exciting New Blog Section

Introducing the Exciting New Blog Section

The IQ-Global-Test team has always loved the idea of crafting a space where folks can come together to grow their intellect, celebrate their accomplishments, and connect with others who share their passion. Guess what? We've been working our socks off to bring you something special: we're super excited to introduce our new blog section! We've created a cozy little corner filled with helpful tips, resources, and ways to help you grow even more. 

Celebrating Achievements

First and foremost, we would like to take a moment to recognize the incredible accomplishments of our platform thus far. Since its inception, has:

  • Grown to a community of over 1 million users worldwide.
  • Provided more than 500,000 IQ tests, helping individuals understand their intellectual strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Been recognized as a reliable and accurate source of IQ testing by leading educational institutions and organizations.
  • Developed partnerships with renowned experts in the fields of cognitive science, education, and psychology.
  • Launched a series of successful webinars and workshops aimed at enhancing intellectual skills and cognitive development.

Why We Created the Blog

Our decision to create a blog section was fueled by the desire to provide even more value to our users. We understand that intellectual growth is a lifelong journey, and we want to support our community every step of the way. With the blog, we aim to:

  • Share insights, tips, and strategies to help users improve their cognitive abilities and achieve their intellectual goals.
  • Showcase inspiring stories and achievements from our community members.
  • Provide a space for experts and thought leaders to share their knowledge and perspectives on various aspects of intellectual development and cognitive science.
  • Foster meaningful conversations and connections within our community, encouraging users to engage with one another and learn from their shared experiences.

Hello, World!

Our team's dedication is to make your experience on our platform better and better. As we set off on this exciting journey hand in hand, we'd love for you to join us, share your ideas and stories, and become an integral part of our amazing family. Let's do this together!

So, to our wonderful community of lifelong learners, we say, "Hello, world!" We can't wait to see what we achieve together.

Yuki Kojida

Psychometrician, co-owner of IGT
I am Yuki Kojida, a Japanese psychologist and one of the cofounders of I am really excited about the study of human cognitive abilities in different states for many years as well. This article is moderated and published by myself.