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Last update: 08/26/2023 07:48 PM

Average IQ in Vietnam

Number of responses: 10000+
Average IQ: 100.01
Rank in Rating: 28


Population size: Around 97 million.

Life expectancy: About 75.7 years.

Birth rate: Approximately 15.5 births per 1,000 population.

Average age of the population: Around 32.5 years.

Percentage of the urban population: Close to 37%.

Economic indicators

Average salary: The average monthly wage varies by sector and region, but as of 2021, the average monthly wage in urban areas was around 10.5 million VND (Vietnamese dong), which translates to about 460 USD, depending on the exchange rate.

Unemployment rate: Approximately 2.73%.

Inflation rate: Around 3.5%.

Level of investment in science and technology as a percentage of GDP: Detailed figures for this specific metric aren't readily available, but Vietnam has been increasing its investments in science and technology over the years.

Educational and cultural indicators

Percentage distribution of education levels: Specific percentages for each level of education aren't immediately available. Still, the literacy rate and enrollment in primary and secondary education are high, while tertiary enrollment is growing.

Average expenditure on education: About 5.7% of GDP.

Duration of education: The standard duration for K-12 education is 12 years. Higher education varies based on degree: bachelor (4 years), master (1-2 years), and doctorate (3-4 years).

Percentage of the population with internet access: Around 53%.

Percentage of literate population: Approximately 94.5%.

Percentage of the population with higher education: Specific data is not readily available, but tertiary enrollment has been on the rise.

Proportion of the population engaged in research and development activities: Detailed figures for this specific metric aren't immediately available.

Table of the top 20 users in this category with IQ above 100.
# Country Users IQ
#1 Trang 147
#2 Thằng khùng 146
#3 Hang Mee 143
#4 Stein 143
#5 NguyenQuang 140
#6 Milu 138
#7 Tai 138
#8 Tuan Nguyen Huu 138
#9 Đức 138
#10 Van Dinh 137
#11 NYS 137
#12 Hoang TV 136
#13 Milk 136
#14 Long 135
#15 T 135
#16 bUddY_9UY 135
#17 Lukas 135
#18 Trung Mai 135
#19 phong 135