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Last update: 08/26/2023 07:39 PM

Average IQ in Macao

Number of responses: 100+
Average IQ: 103.45
Rank in Rating: 8


Population size: Approximately 650,000 (as of 2020).

Life expectancy: Around 84 years.

Birth rate: About 8.9 births per 1,000 population (as of 2019).

Average age of the population: Data not readily available, but the median age was around 39.2 years in 2019.

Percentage of the urban population: Macao is a highly urbanized area, with effectively 100% of its population living in urban settings.

Economic indicators

Average salary: The specific average wage can vary greatly by sector. As of 2019, the median monthly employment earnings was around MOP 20,000.

Unemployment rate: Approximately 2.8% (as of 2020).

Inflation rate: Around 1.3% (as of 2020).

Level of investment in science and technology as a percentage of GDP: Specific data not available for Macao.

Educational and cultural indicators

Percentage distribution of education levels: As of 2019, about 43.5% of the population (aged 15 and over) had attended secondary education, and 32% had attended tertiary education.

Average expenditure on education: Specific data not available for Macao.

Duration of education: Basic education in Macao lasts for 6 years, followed by 3 years of general secondary education or vocational education. Higher education varies by the degree pursued.

Percentage of the population with internet access: Over 90% (as of 2018).

Percentage of literate population: The literacy rate is estimated to be around 96%.

Percentage of the population with higher education: Data suggests that around 32% of the population (aged 15 and over) had attended tertiary education as of 2019.

Proportion of the population engaged in research and development activities: Specific data not available for Macao.

Table of the top 20 users in this category with IQ above 100.
# Country Users IQ
#1 Carter Qiu 137
#2 Mc 130
#3 HU haoran 128
#4 Inara 124
#5 Tommyh7 120
#6 620 117
#7 Ben 112
#8 Albion 112
#9 cc 111
#10 Jonathan 110
#11 Ckb 109
#12 AR 104