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Last update: 08/26/2023 07:38 PM

Average IQ in Madagascar

Number of responses: 100+
Average IQ: 101.47
Rank in Rating: 18


Population size: Approx. 27.7 million (2021 estimate).

Life expectancy: Around 66.7 years (2019 estimate).

Birth rate: About 32.1 births/1,000 population (2021 estimate).

Average age of the population: Median age is approx. 18.7 years (2021 estimate).

Percentage of the urban population: Approximately 39% of the total population (2021 estimate).

Economic indicators

Average salary: Specific data not available, but GDP per capita was around $461.6 USD (2019).

Unemployment rate: Unemployment data for Madagascar varies and might not be regularly updated. It's best to refer to specific databases or official sources.

Inflation rate: Estimated at 5.7% (2021).

Level of investment in science and technology as a percentage of GDP: Data not readily available.

Educational and cultural indicators

Percentage distribution of education levels: Data not readily available for recent years.

Average expenditure on education: Madagascar's expenditure on education was approximately 3.03% of GDP (2018).

Duration of education: Primary and lower secondary education lasts for 10 years in Madagascar.

Percentage of the population with internet access: Around 13% (2020 estimate).

Percentage of literate population: Approx. 74.8% (15 years and older) (2018 estimate).

Percentage of the population with higher education: Data not readily available.

Proportion of the population engaged in research and development activities: Data not readily available.

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