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Last update: 08/26/2023 07:35 PM

Average IQ in Iceland

Number of responses: 500+
Average IQ: 101.14
Rank in Rating: 21


Population size: About 366,000 people.

Life expectancy: Approximately 83 years.

Birth rate: Roughly 13.5 births per 1,000 population.

Average age of the population: Estimated around 37 years.

Percentage of the urban population: About 94% live in urban areas.

Economic indicators

Average salary: As of 2020, the average monthly wage in Iceland was around ISK 685,000 (Icelandic króna). Note: This figure can vary depending on the occupation and sector.

Unemployment rate: Fluctuated around 4.5% in 2021.

Inflation rate: Averaged about 2.5% in 2021.

Level of investment in science and technology as a percentage of GDP: Data specifically for Iceland was not readily available, but Nordic countries typically have high investments in this area.

Educational and cultural indicators

Percentage distribution of education levels: A vast majority of Icelanders have completed secondary education, with a significant portion also holding tertiary degrees.

Average expenditure on education: Iceland spends around 7.5% of its GDP on education.

Duration of education: Compulsory education lasts for 10 years (from ages 6 to 16). However, many continue to tertiary education.

Percentage of the population with internet access: Nearly universal, around 98%.

Percentage of literate population: Almost 100% - Iceland has one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Percentage of the population with higher education: Approximately 40% of adults (25 to 64) have completed tertiary education.

Proportion of the population engaged in research and development activities: Data for this specific metric was not readily available, but Iceland typically ranks high in terms of R&D personnel.

Table of the top 20 users in this category with IQ above 100.
# Country Users IQ
#1 Gugga 135
#2 bobo 133
#3 Sigrún María 132
#4 とみ 131
#5 Arora 130
#6 Almar ein 124
#7 konni 123
#8 Daphne 122
#9 Grissi 122
#10 Bjartmann 122
#11 Espen 122
#12 Professor Hlynur 122
#13 Eijo 120
#14 Kristófer 120
#15 Sam 120
#16 Rafa 118
#17 David 117
#18 Agga 117
#19 Tleo 117
#20 ben 117