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Last update: 08/26/2023 07:34 PM

Average IQ in Hong Kong

Number of responses: 1000+
Average IQ: 104.40
Rank in Rating: 5


Population size: Approximately 7.5 million.

Life expectancy: About 85 years (84.9 for males and 88.6 for females).

Birth rate: Around 7.0 births per 1,000 population.

Average age of the population: Approximately 44.4 years.

Percentage of the urban population: Hong Kong is predominantly urban, so this is nearly 100%.

Economic indicators

Average salary: Monthly median earnings for employees were about HKD 18,000.

Unemployment rate: Around 6.4% as of early 2021 (though this fluctuates).

Inflation rate: Roughly 0.3% in 2020.

Level of investment in science and technology as a percentage of GDP: Exact figures are not readily available, but Hong Kong has been ramping up its investment in innovation and technology in recent years.

Educational and cultural indicators

Percentage distribution of education levels: About 22% of the population has tertiary education or above.

Number of educational institutions per 10,000 population: Data not readily available.

Average expenditure on education: About 3.4% of GDP.

Duration of education: Primary to tertiary education can last up to around 20 years.

Percentage of the population with internet access: Over 93%.

Percentage of literate population: The literacy rate is above 95%.

Percentage of the population with higher education: About 22%.

Number of scientific publications per 10,000 population: Data not readily available.

Number of libraries or cultural centers per 10,000 population: Data not readily available.

Scientific and research indicators

Number of scientists and researchers per 10,000 population: Data not readily available.

Proportion of the population engaged in research and development activities: Data not readily available.

Table of the top 20 users in this category with IQ above 100.
# Country Users IQ
#1 Charlie Hua 147
#2 Swabhiman Chhotray 145
#3 Sally 145
#4 kjzxcsq 144
#5 EMILIA WU 140
#6 Andy 140
#7 Michael 140
#8 Nicolas 140
#9 Martin 139
#10 karine 139
#11 Lucy L 138
#12 Eileen 138
#13 Zeta 137
#14 Lucas Kwok 137
#15 Terry 137
#16 Swabhi 137
#17 江圳一 137
#18 Mark 137
#19 smell 137
#20 Lenya 136