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Last update: 08/26/2023 07:28 PM

Average IQ in DR Congo

Number of responses: 100+
Average IQ: 96.49
Rank in Rating: 116


Population size: Approx. 89 million

Life expectancy: Around 60 years

Birth rate: Approx. 42 births per 1,000 population

Percentage of the urban population: Approx. 45%

Economic indicators

Unemployment rate: Around 46%

Inflation rate: Approx. 4.5%

Educational and cultural indicators

Percentage distribution of education levels: Majority have primary education

Percentage of the population with internet access: Around 6%

Percentage of literate population: Approx. 77%

Table of the top 20 users in this category with IQ above 100.
# Country Users IQ
#1 Leroy 122
#2 Tasha 118